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Smart Questions

“Do they have TV’s in Korea?” 

My daughter asked me this today because we talked about her Aunt Weather giving her DVDs.  She hoped that she was able to watch them before they were sent here.  It’s an honest question from a three-year-old who’s curious about everything and who cares about the people in her life… at least that’s the way I’ve interpreted it.  

She’s able to appreciate things that I forgot were there, like pylons and other people.  She initially thought pylons looked like party hats, but then Halloween came along.  They are now candy corn (“without the yellow on the bottom”). 

She also points out the different types of vehicles on the road: school busses (sp?); garbage trucks; ice cream trucks; the new one in town, broken tree trucks; and many more.  This dialogue in the van can be fun unless I’m trying to listen to the latest Barry Manilow tune.

My son has now joined in on this pointing things out activity, but it’s a little more limited.  He likes to point at and say car at every one we drive by.  Initially it’s cute, but after about ten minutes of drive time my ears bleed.

Thanks to the kids I’ve recaptured a zest for the details in the world.  Maybe some day I’ll be able to notice them on my own. 


November 10, 2006 Posted by | kids, Korea, parenthood | 2 Comments