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That’s Some Sweet Flour

As I’ve mentioned, we have some houseguests at the moment.  Yes, they are still here.  Aunt Weather and Uncle Gadget thoughtfully decided to cook us dinner yesterday.  I thought that it was a great idea because she cooks a mean breakfast on occasion and I figured she’d be good at a dinner, too.

The chefs in question are independent thinkers that decided not to wait on an answer to where the flour is located in the kitchen so they found “it” themselves.  They were at the stove for quite a while before it came about that we were almost out of flour.  After a few follow-up questions my wife figured out that they never opened the container of flour, so there was plenty of flour left.

Confusion spread across their faces and ours.  They insisted that they used flour and a lot of it.  We knew they couldn’t have because we only keep it in one place on the counter top and they insisted that wasn’t where they found it.

I guess confectionary sugar resembles flour enough that they mistakenly used that instead.  I’ve only heard of this happening once before and that person says it wasn’t her fault… and I’m not talking about my wife, but the woman in question is related to her.

Surprisingly, the orange chicken delight was good, but I wouldn’t put it on my French toast. 


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