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The Written Truth

My TomTom One steered me away from The Pessimistic Optimism path for a little while, but I updated it recently for a trip to Savannah and it now knows the route.  So here I am, world.  Be ready to read your balls off because I’m here to stay, I think.

The two children have aged a few years and had a thousand and one experiences since their dad has put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard about them.  Does this mean that their memories won’t be immortalized or just not scrutinized?  That’s the question that haunts my dreams.  Haunts might be a bit extreme, but it does find its way to the front of my feeble mind once in a while which causes me the need to fluff my pillow a few extra times.

So let’s see what the girl and boy have been up to.  She’s finishing third grade and he’s in first, again.  Just kidding, it’s his first go at it.

Enough said?

The older they get, the harder it is to write about them.  They’re old enough to refute what I say and I don’t want to be called a liar or more importantly, be sued again.

Back to my first question.  In the age of Facebook and Twitter, if something isn’t on video or written about did it really happen?  I think we all know the answer to that … NO!  If you can’t tell the world what you did, why do it?  If you can’t tell the world what you ate, why eat it?  If you can’t tell the world that you like something, do you?

As a responsible parent I vow to jump back in the writing saddle and start paying attention to what they do again.  I’ll see if I can re-immortalize and exploit the kids’ foibles and triumphs again like I’m supposed to.  I just need to find my voice.  I don’t remember where I left it so it might take a few more posts.


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