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Not-For-Profits ARE Telemarketers

Don’t you just love being interrupted by a phone call from someone you don’t know who wants something from you, especially your money?  I naively thought that I was safe from these attacks because our phone number is on the New York Do Not Call Registry.  Unfortunately there are exceptions for certain groups such as not-for-profits and political pollsters and prerecorded ads.  At the rate my phone rings you’d think that my number was written on the bathroom wall of these organizations promising some type of phone stimulation for a low, low price.

The so-called not-for-profit organizations called twice yesterday within five minutes of each other.  The first one was something for New York State troopers and their families and whatever else the guy threw into the pitch.  He even brought up the recent deaths and injuries suffered by troopers in the last year.  It’s sickening how the cretin on the other end of the phone tries to guilt their victims into giving them money.  These ones always talk like they’re in law enforcement and that the money’s going to go directly to the organization involved.  My usual answer is mail me the info and I’ll make the decision when I receive it.  This wasn’t good enough for the pushy guy on the other end of the phone.  He responded with his next prewritten question that went something like how much can we count on you to give to the fine men and women of the New York State Police?   I changed my tone with his blatant attempt to bully me and asked what percentage of the money collected would be given to the NYS Troopers?  This is where the truth showed through, he uttered something rude and hung up on me.  Sorry I wasted your time buddy.  The truth about these organizations is sickening.  Most of them keep well more than fifty percent of donations for their “administrative” costs.

The call that immediately followed the troopers was for aid to homeless veterans.  This time I didn’t let the guy read the next line from his script, I just asked him how much money actually goes in the pockets of the homeless veterans and who decides which homeless veterans get the aid.  He stammered and hung up.

I’d like to see the success rates for these nuisance calls.  Do people really give these organizations money when they are rudely called at home?  They must or these organizations that pretend to be not-for-profit would no longer be in business anymore.

On a lighter note I find the prerecorded political ads kind of amusing because there’s a heated race going on in our congressional district between Representative Tom Reynolds and Jack Davis .  The ads make them both appear juvenile with all the name-calling and finger pointing.  Too bad election day is coming up next week because I could listen to these guys daily.  Maybe they should forget about congress and have their own radio show, Reynolds and Davis in the Morning.  Or should that be Davis and Reynolds in the morning?


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