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Handy Little Critters

My wife is the forward thinking one when it comes to parental decisions and I usually like to stick with the status quo until forced to enter a new arena such as a change in diaper size, letting your child eat popcorn or do the laundry.  I guess my wishful motto is Why change something that’s easy just because the kids are growing or developing isn’t going to cut it.

Towards the end of our vacation while my family strolled around a place called Broadway at the Beach my wife suggested that we release the hounds, AKA our children.  I gave her that look and said that it sounded like a great good idea.  The open courtyard must have been a huge world that the wee ones were ready to conquer because the frothing animals sprang out of their strollers and never looked back.  What happened next surprised and elated us; the big sister immediately latched onto her little brother’s wrist and led him forward and to his credit, he never resisted.  They looked like a couple of kids with a purpose or at least a desire to explore foreign lands… without their parents.

After observing this amazing development my wife and I smiled and headed to the nearest bar because the children were obviously ready to be left on their own.  Okay, all right, we didn’t go into a bar, but did leave a small gap between them and us while we drank out of a flask.

The kids manuevered their way around hordes of people without missing a beat until they, meaning our daughter, decided to venture into a heavy metal store.  They went right up to the owner and he couldn’t have been friendlier to them without getting arrested.  He gave them some cheap plastic leis for free, hoping the kid’s parents would buy something, which we didn’t because we didn’t need more Anthrax t-shirts or spiked collars.

After giving our thanks we headed out with the colorful leis secure around the kids’ necks and the leader attached herself to her sibling again.  Many people told us the obvious, you know, how cute and good-looking the hand-holders were as we walked behind them.  They were stuck together for at least a half ‘n hour without a single incident.  Maybe we should set them free more often.


March 28, 2007 - Posted by | family, Humor, kids, life, Myrtle Beach, parenthood, parenting

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