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Par Excellence, Almost

We decided that it was time for the boy to try his hand on the links… the mini-links, that is.  The four of us strolled down to the fun ‘n games section of the resort to pick up the necessary equipment that all guests are allowed to borrow.  The clerk was a nice exchange student who couldn’t understand much English, or just liked to build up her mad charades skills by having us act out what we needed.  After about ten minutes and three pantomimes of Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup and Seven respectively, we finally left the shack with four putters and four different colored balls and headed toward the course.

I stood behind my son with visions of him smiling over at me while he put on the green jacket at Augusta and helped him make contact with the ball.  It went about six feet and stopped behind a rock.  The visions started to fade quickly when he gave me that you suck look and strutted toward the ball.  He reluctantly let me help him again and this time we rimmed the cup to set him up for an easy three and the visions returned.  He then ran ahead and blasted the ball off the course shattering my dreams of him being a golf champion along with a headlight. 

Luckily, my wife’s pretty little head is always full of great ideas and this time was no different.  She told advised me to let the kids play on the hole ahead of us so that we could actually enjoy the course ourselves.  I loved it, but I don’t think the people in front of us appreciated it much.

The kids didn’t “play” golf very long that day, but did climb all over the alligator, treasure chest and numerous huge rocks along the course which seemed to suit them just fine.  I was only three over par and my wife was about six over, or vice versa, but who really pays attention to that kind of stuff anyway?    


March 26, 2007 - Posted by | family, Humor, kids, life, Myrtle Beach, parenthood, parenting

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