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What Reservation?

We landed safely in Myrtle Beach.  Yay!  The airport was probably equivalent to Buffalo’s, which means that you can cover the whole thing in about five minutes.  The rental car booths were conveniently located right behind baggage claim so I figured that I’d get the car while we waited.

My daughter and I patiently waited in line behind an employee gabbing with the rental agent.  It sounded as though they were going to have an enjoyable lunch that day and the counter person really liked the other one’s hair.  I was asked if I needed help a few minutes later when their important business concluded.

“Are you sure ya’ll rented from this location?”

“Yes, as long as this is the only Myrtle Beach Airport location.”

“Do you have a confirmation number?”

“Daddy, can we eat something?”

“Um, er, no.  I forgot to write it down.  Little one, we’ll eat soon.”  I wasn’t concerned that the rental agent would think I asked her to join me for lunch because she was far from being a little one. 

“Hmm!  We don’t have any cars available without a confirmation number.”  She tried not to gloat, but couldn’t help herself.

I was shocked because I had made the reservations myself on-line over a month earlier.

“Daddy, I’m hungry.”

“Soon, we’ll eat soon.”

Then it hit me like a lightning bolt; the confirmation number was in my email.  I asked to use her computer, but she dutifully refused, but did send me to the hospitality counter, who also refused, but advised me that the airport was wireless.  Good thing I brought our laptop.

We went back near the luggage carousel to join my wife and son and to fire up the laptop and prove this woman wrong.

It took a little while to connect, but my excitement grew when I saw the rental receipt confirmation in my email.  I opened it up and was ready to read off the confirmation number to my wife when I noticed the dates of the rental.  This was highly disappointing because they read 02/09/07 to 02/16/07.  I somehow made the reservations for February instead of March.


“Daddy, I’m very hungry.”

“In a little bit, little one.”

I tucked my tail between my legs and went back up to the counter and asked what they could do.


“Well, I thank you for nothing.” 

I wasn’t upset with the woman; I was just kind of embarrassed for my stupidity because I don’t make mistakes like this.  Let me rephrase that, I don’t usually make mistakes like this.

I wandered down rental car row and found a replacement for just a couple of bucks more, and she threw both car seats in for the price of one.  So somehow I lucked out and my wife and kids didn’t have to kill me.

“Daddy, I’m very hungry.”

My daughter was pleading with me to feed her.

“As soon as the luggage comes, little one.”

“Okay, daddy.”  She then proceeded to eat her umbrella stroller.


March 15, 2007 - Posted by | family, Humor, kids, life, Myrtle Beach, Ranting

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