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Lying @#$%ing Photographer

Last Friday we had the pleasure of flying on the inaugural flight for Myrtle Beach Direct Air from Niagara Falls, NY to Myrtle Beach.  I included the destination in case a couple of you couldn’t connect the name of the airline with where it took us.  It was a festive scene at the airport with a band and some media.  Unfortunately, if there were any free cocktails they must have just been for the crew because I didn’t see any.

The airport has a small terminal with a huge runway that we were able to see while waiting for our plane to arrive.  When it landed the media types snapped pictures and filmed much of the usually mundane happenings of a plane unboarding.  They even pulled a couple of people aside for interviews.  What interesting info could they possibly have gotten from questions like How did it feel to fly here? or Was it everything you thought it would be?  Maybe someone cared, I guess.

There was one photographer who I thought had an eye for a good story because he took photographs of my little girl looking out at the plane.  She hammed it up for at least ten pics and then he came inside and asked us her name and age for the local newspaper.  If I would have been thinking on my feet I could of made up a funny one, like Marsha Mallow or Britney Aguilera but we gave the real one instead.  I’ve never considered myself to be a publicity hound but I actually liked the idea of my daughter’s picture being in the paper.  We called both sets of grandparents to warn them because we knew they’d love to see their granddaughter in print and so they could brag to their friends.

The next morning came and we checked the on-line version of the paper and the story did not include a picture of our precious un-camera shy beauty queen, but did include a photograph of the first person to head out onto the tarmac to board our flight, who, I must say, isn’t as attractive as my daughter.  If it sounds like sour grapes, that’s because it is.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter that she wasn’t in the newspaper because we probably have about twenty thousand pictures of her already and one more wouldn’t make a difference.  Besides, now we won’t have to field all those modeling agency calls that the picture would have generated.  At least not for another fifteen years or so… I hope.   


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