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Potty Time and a Bigger Big-Girl Bed

In this past week or so we’ve entered a new frontier at the place that we call home. 

The boy, who’ll be two soon, took his first whiz on the potty.   I’d like to take the credit for this but it was my wife’s idea so it was all her and our son.  Like usual, the jovial little lad clapped afterwards (see A Round of Applause).  If I were there I would have joined in because it was a momentous occasion, because there’s only one first pee on the potty.  The only downside to this was that he sat down on the job, but we’ll work on the stand, aim and shoot method in the near future.  I hear that Cheerios work really well, but I’m not sure because I tried that with our first child and it didn’t help her a bit.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the happy clapper makes this potty thing as regular as jelly and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.

The girl, who is much more mature than her three and a half years outside of her Mommy’s body, reached another milestone; she graduated to a full size bed from her little big-girl bed.  It was time because her feet were practically touching the footboard.  I wanted her to just bend her knees and get over it, but I lost that argument before it was even brought to the table.  She’s adjusted perfectly to the new behemoth in her room so much so that I don’t think she’s missed a wink of sleep from the very first nap.  I remember how afraid I was sleeping alone in my first big bed, I think I was about twenty-eight at the time.  It was a big bed.

The events of this past week make me proud to call those two little humans my kids.  Hopefully someday they’ll be proud to call me their Dad.  I’ll just have to make sure they never get a peek at this blog.  Maybe a name change will work or I’ll just have to ban them from ever using the Internet.  Besides, it’s probably just a passing fad anyway. 


January 31, 2007 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood, parenting

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