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Good Question, I Guess

“Does he have a bum and peanuts?”

This is what my little girl asked when she observed me change her little brother’s diaper.  It caught me off guard because she bathed with him quite often and never showed the least bit of curiosity regarding their obvious differences.  She must have asked my wife this question and remembered penis as peanuts.  Unless, of course, my wife called the goods, peanuts, but I doubt that because she would of told me about it and she’s never referred to mine with that metaphor… raisins, maybe, but definitely not peanuts.

We decided when we had children that we’d be pretty open about body parts with the kids, but I still had that knot in the pit of my stomach when my three-year-old asked the question.  I know that I’m an adult and I should be able to deal with these situations maturely, but I’m kind of intimidated by the subject matter with my kids.  I’ll blame it on my Catholic upbringing because they taught us to loathe our bodies and feel shame about anything to do with sexual organs except for the priest’s, of course. 

For the sake of my kids I’ll just have to overcome my fears and be straight with them and tell them to go ask their mother.


January 18, 2007 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood, parenting


  1. That Irish patron saint of yours must be rolling in his mothballs with that holy remark made about the priests. Wholly Cow! I can’t stop laughing. I need one of those disposable bibs you carry around to catch the tears from laughing so hard. Honestly, the references are things a mil should not have to hear from her dear sil. I need to have a talk with my daughter.

    Comment by The Grandmother | January 19, 2007 | Reply

  2. G-Mother,
    Thanks for reading about my goods. Next time close your eyes during those parts.

    Comment by Linusmann | January 21, 2007 | Reply

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