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Is That Teamwork?

I’ve talked over and over about my kids picking things up on their own (see More is Caught than Taught) on this site and I’m not trying to bore anyone but this latest one blew me away.

The other day my daughter wanted to help push her brother’s stroller on our way to the library.  I decided to let her even though I figured she might have an ulterior motive, such as pushing him into a wall or running someone over.  I was completely wrong and feel shame about it because she just wanted to help.

“Is this teamwork, Daddy?”

I looked at her, shook my head in surprise, and smiled.

“Yes, this is teamwork.”

From that moment on “teamwork” has popped up all over the place.  When we walk down the stairs side by side counting it’s teamwork.  When we put the Sesame Street jigsaw puzzle together it’s teamwork.  When we flip off the other bad drivers it’s teamwork.

I’d like to take credit for this wonderful desire to work together but I’m not sure if it was I or the annoying animals on Wonder Pets that sing a catchy little ditty about teamwork.  Either way, I hope that this admirable quality lasts a lifetime, especially when it’s time for household chores or paying the bills. 


November 23, 2006 - Posted by | kids, parenthood


  1. […] The children and I travelled to the mall last night to buy some X-mas gifts while my wife partied dined with her friends.  The boy was strapped into a stroller and the girl walked beside me either helping push (teamwork! see Is That Teamwork?) or holding my hand. […]

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  2. […] the ice whether the boy wanted it or not.  That’s teamwork according to my daughter (see Is That Teamwork? for more on that).  Like good parents we discussed what we needed to do.  The hospital […]

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