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Sippy Cup, Sippy Cup, Where For Art Thou Sippy Cup

My household goes through about six “sippy” cups a day at the least.  Being the free spirited parents that we are we let the kids roam around with their drinks in tow and as a result our carpet looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.  Occasionally one of the cups doesn’t make it into the fridge or the sink because it chose to hide itself amongst the thousands of toys and books scattered throughout the house.  The fact that a cup is missing is not the main problem.  It’s what’s in the stagnant cup that has potentially stomach upsetting and olfactory gland offending properties.

A cup filled with juice might get a little foul, but the smell’s tolerable so the parents aren’t in too much danger.  The little people responsible for misplacing the cup might get a little more offended if they take a drink of three-day-old juice.  Imagine hard cider with a bigger bite.

Milk is the biggest problem.  The cow emission becomes a science project in a relatively short period of time.  This new concoction can be lethal if smelled or consumed orally. 

The worst part of this whole ordeal for me is when I’m washing the cups and I didn’t know that the one with a little milk on the bottom was initially filled days earlier and I open it without using safety precautions.  The smell finds its way inside the nostrils and stays there for quite a while.  I do this often enough that you’d think that I’d notice that the milk has congealed in the bottom of the cup.

Spoiled milk or juice isn’t so bad if you compare it to what some parents have to face; diaper diving.  Diaper diving is the act of playing with poop in the diaper and throwing, wiping or squishing it onto their surrounding environment.  The only places I have to deal with poop are in a diaper or the toilet.  Let’s hope they keep it that way.     


November 17, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood

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