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Grasshopper Sandwich

Expectations for the food you’re about to eat can be set by the name given to the edible item.  For example, growing up I had no interest in either carrot cake or cheesecake just because their names convinced me that they couldn’t be any good.  I liked carrots and cheese, but I couldn’t embrace the idea of them being involved in anything sweet.  I didn’t know what I was missing because they are two of my favorite desserts as an adult.

This deficiency in my genes mustn’t have been passed on to my daughter because names of food don’t seem to phase her one bit.  My wife made grilled cheese for both kids the other day and somehow my daughter thought they were called grasshopper sandwiches and didn’t mind.  I know that when I was younger I wouldn’t have even picked the thing up and I would have uttered the word “yech” repeatedly.  The all-knowing three-year-old relished the idea of eating a grasshopper sandwich.  I guess her love of insects isn’t just of them crawling on her (see Ladybug Crawl).

The next time she refuses to eat her green beans we’ll have to tell her that they’re caterpillars.  Mmmmm! 


November 15, 2006 - Posted by | kids, parenthood

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