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My Daughter’s the King

This is a follow-up to my last post (Oooh, Cars!).

Ever since I walked in the door my daughter hasn’t been home.  The King is here; at least that’s what she’s calling herself.  She won’t answer to her name and corrects me if I call her a girl because the King is obviously a boy.  I asked if she wanted to be the Queen, but she wanted no part of it.  That’s when I remembered who the King was, a character from the movie Cars.

She’s stayed in character the whole time telling me what cars do and don’t do and that she doesn’t have hands and feet, they’re wheels.  I’ve been feeding her fuel and oil continuously because she keeps coming back to pit row.  Amazingly I haven’t had to change her tires yet.

The King isn’t driving alone, she he has a racing partner in Lightning McQueen, AKA her little brother.  It’s nice to see her give him the lead in the movie.  For some reason she chose a secondary character that somehow must have struck a chord with her.

Lightning McQueen picked up the King’s juice cup while I’m typing this and I told him it’s his sister’s juice so he should put it down.  She immediately corrected me and said, “It’s the King’s juice.”  It will be interesting to see how long this possession will last.  Hopefully my daughter will return before Christmas or we’ll have to exchange her new shoes for hubcaps.


November 8, 2006 - Posted by | kids, parenthood

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