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Sumo Walk

We’ve My wife somehow started a nightly ritual around our house called naked time just before the kids get their pajamas on.  Before you get an irreversible image of me running around the house sans clothing you should know that only the kids partake in this hilarious event and they’re not actually naked, my daughter’s in her t-shirt and big-girl underpants and my son’s in his onesy.

The kids love this time of the night and so do we.  No matter how tired they are they muster up enough energy to run around like wild animals.  It’s like they’re on an exaggerated sugar high.  I’ve thought about trying this myself when I’ve been exhausted toward the end of the day but have always chickened out.  Okay, the truth of the matter is that my wife shot down the idea.  Even she doesn’t want to see me run around in my underwear.

Our little girl asks us if it’s time for this fun-filled event many times in the evening.  The thing about it is the way she asks.

“Is it naken time mommy?  Is it naken time daddy?”

We’ve tried correcting her on this, but she prefers to say it her way and that’s fine with us… for now.

Last night the boy changed the way he walked during naked time.  He grabbed the back of both thighs and sauntered around the room smiling at us the whole time.  The exaggerated leg lifts of each step made me think that he somehow was imitating a sumo wrestler with a onesy on instead of the butt floss but I know that he’s not been exposed to that in his eighteen months out of the womb and my sumo days have been over for many years now… at least when I’m sober.


November 2, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood

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