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Kids’ Best Friend

There’s a special relationship going on in our house right under our noses.  Our kids are in love… with our dog… and vice versa, whether he’ll admit it or not.

I can tell when our son wants to “play” with our dog.  He gets that certain look in his eyes.  It’s unique to this situation.  It doesn’t matter where the dog is, he’ll hone in on him and own him for the next little while. 

Today was one of those days.  As soon as we stepped in the door the boy was with the other boy.  He didn’t seem to care that his sister was in the kitchen munching on candy corn, he just wanted to play with his doggy.  I checked in on the two boys in between the candy corn give aways to make sure that our son wasn’t injuring the K-9 and I was pleasantly surprised at what they were doing.  Our son had a little towel over the dog’s face and played a sort of peek-a-boo with him.  The dog must have enjoyed it otherwise he would have excused himself like he does if one of the kids gets too rough.  They kept at it for about fifteen minutes before the eighteen-month-old wanted to see a big truck out the front door window.

My daughter’s favorite game to play with the dog, besides dress-up (yes, he’s been a princess a few times), is chase the doggy treat.  She runs the circular pattern around the kitchen to the living room and back and he chases her.  It usually ends when one of us instructs her to relinquish the treat.  It’s fun and exercise rolled up in one.  I try this one once in a while forgetting how exhausted and humiliated I get.  The exhaustion comes from being out of shape and the humiliation comes from not being able to catch my three-year-old daughter and get the treat. 

Occasionally our dog acts aloof towards the kids but he doesn’t fool me for a second.  I see him creep next to them any chance he gets and lays down as close as possible to them.  He’s the most docile animal you can imagine, but I know that he would defend them with his life… unless the attacker has doggy treats.


October 26, 2006 - Posted by | Dogs, kids, parenthood


  1. Has he learned how to climb up on the dog yet? Once he masters that, he’ll have his own personal chauffeur…just won’t be able to give him directions.

    Comment by Mike | October 27, 2006 | Reply

  2. Mike,

    He has, in fact, climbed up on the dog. But said dog is too smart to attempt to deliver the boy anywhere. He probably realizes that if he does it once the kid will keep on coming back for more. As for the stearing part, I’m guessing that my son thinks the dog would turn left with a poke in the left eye and vice versa.

    Comment by linusmann | October 27, 2006 | Reply

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