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Shh, It’s a Library

I’m getting braver everyday when it comes to going places with the kids.  This time it was the library, which is perfect for my daughter because books are her second favorite toys… after animals, of course.

We’ve been to two libraries quite a few times, the big library and the small library.  My daughter was ecstatic when I told her it would be the big one.  It has a great children’s section with the tiny tables and chairs and a rocking horse.  I learned my lesson the last time that the rocking horse is for the children only.  I guess some librarians don’t have a sense of humor.

As my daughter shopped through the easily accessible children’s books I wheeled my son to the little table and dropped a couple of books in front of him for him to eat, er, I mean read.  I’m so proud because he actually holds the books upright now and points to the pictures and makes usually inaudible sounds.  More books poured onto the table when our elder reader joined us.  There must have been a dozen titles lying there ready to be emblazoned into the heads of my impressionable offspring.

My angel sat there going through the books meticulously from front to back.  Asking me questions like, “What’s his name?” or “What’s that?” or “Are you sleeping, daddy?”  When I felt that the kids were ready we gathered up a few books to take home and put the rest back where they belonged or fit. 

Before you give me kudos for bringing the wee ones to as enlightening a place as the library you should know that it’s just as much for me.  I needed to pick up some books on CD for myself, such as A Beautiful Mind or Flags of Our Fathers.  A parent needs to vedge (sp?) out once in a while.

I thought the kids would wait patiently while I perused the audio section.  Who the hell was I kidding, beside myself, the little bastards couldn’t care less about their numerous “new” books spread around them.  It seems like my daughter knows how to turn up the volume at these moments and likes to roll around as much as possible when I prefer she not make a scene.  There are much more audio books to choose from at the big library, but I had to pick quickly because the boy started to mimic his older sister and I couldn’t take the excessive displays of childishness coming from the children.  I would have told them to act their age, but they were already.  Needless to say I just grabbed a couple of discs and headed off to the checkout.

The kids behaved very well while being checked out.  My daughter said thank you and my son flirted with the elderly woman.  At his age it’s endearing, at mine it’s pathetic.

My daughter’s excitement grew as we headed for the van so much so that she barely stopped to point out every leaf on the ground because she couldn’t wait to read her dinosaur book.  For some reason it wasn’t as important when I was trying to pick out something for me.  I loaded them up and buckled myself in for the short ride home that would be filled with smiles and giggles. 

Finally, I could get to see what I picked up in the hurried tantrum filled moments inside.  Next time I should look before I grab because my “new” books on cd were as follows: Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I’ve Learned by Alan Alda and Entertaining by Martha Stewart.  When I’m finished with these two I should be a sensitively tuned man that knows how to make a doily out of a candy bar wrapper.   


October 10, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood

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