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Diamonds of Many Colors

My daughter just gave me thirteen diamonds, make that fourteen.  She gave me one more as I started typing.  The laptop is now precariously hanging off the coffee table because I had to move it down with the addition of each new block. 

They’re many different colors even though in reality all of them are oak colored (?) wooden blocks.  She started with Blue, her favorite color, of course.  At the time I didn’t know that she was going back into the diamond mine -her words- to get them and that we’d be at this for quite some time.  It was fun to watch her decide what color the diamonds were. Orange came next, and was followed by Yellow.  She has such a vivid imagination that pleasantly surprises me quite often.  I think she gets this from her mother because she must live in a dreamworld being married to me.The next color wasn’t one I expected this soon, Brown.  I don’t know too many women that want a diamond this color, but maybe she’s ahead of her time .   

Black and White showed up in a row with Gray right behind them.  She must know that they’re connected in life or she just winged it.   Red and Green finally were invited to the party, but were rewarded with being the only two that make repeat appearances.  They’re the last two diamonds added when no more colors could be thought of. 

Purple shot out of her mouth with authority.  She was happy that there was an obvious color left because the choices were becoming scarce.  This is when I noticed how she used tools to come up with her choices besides just thinking of them.  She looked at everything around her, including books and toys, to think of colors.  I’m impressed, but disappointed that I didn’t notice this earlier because it was awesome to watch. 

The next choice would ‘ve been a lot sooner for a lot of girls, but not our daughter, it’s just another color to her, Pink.  The last original one she came up with caught me off guard, Golden.  This isn’t a regular color so it was cool to hear her spit it out.

After that she couldn’t come up with any more colors, but chose to give me one more Red and one more Green.  These so called diamonds may not be worth their genuine cousins, but to me they mean the world.  Well they did until she swept them off of the table into a bucket.


October 8, 2006 - Posted by | kids, parenthood

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