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The kids and I made another fun trip to the supermarket today.  I was a little worried because my daughter brought along her hippo, again (see Has Anyone Seen my Hippo?), and it was close to lunchtime, again.  I just don’t seem to learn my lesson.  I brought along dried mangoes and sweet talked the meat counter woman into two pieces of cheese to keep the shopping cart car occupants occupied.

The shopping trip was business as usual:  you know, the “we want cheese” chant, in which the boy held his own with some sort of grunt; the pushing and shoving, it’s sad what the elderly will do for the last bag of Stella Doras; The singing and dancing down the aisles, the kids joined in with me once in a while; and the eventual placement of the boy in the cart seat because he had enough “driving”.

A couple of things stood out this time.  The cheese worker lady walked past as I picked up a loaf of bread and my daughter complimented me.

“You’re very strong, daddy.”

The worker laughed out loud and I overheard her telling the cheese worker guy all about it a second later.  I’m glad someone else had the chance to hear that.  I’ll have to make sure that my little complimenter doesn’t pick up a loaf of bread soon and find out that even she can lift it.

Another thing that came out of her mouth surprised me when I showed the kids something we were buying.

“Hmm, interesting, daddy.”

I don’t think I ever heard her say “interesting” before and I just laughed and told her how amazing she was.  She smiled broadly and put the word and my response in her memory bank.  I know this because she repeated it to me during lunch at home while she ate her jelly and peanut butter sandwich… over and over.  I informed her that it’s more impressive if used sparingly.

“Hmm, interesting, daddy.”

I couldn’t correct her for repeating herself because it was a great reply.

One more thing that happened was that the boy pooped in his diaper and was miserable.  I felt badly, but I couldn’t change him until we got out to the van.  He had to remain seated and wasn’t happy about it.

We checked out and headed out into the bright sunlight with a whole lot of groceries and a whole lot less money.  I had a dirty diaper on my mind and wasn’t looking forward to a van changing.  They can be rough on everyone involved.  I picked up the little guy and was pleasantly surprised.  It must have been gas, very bad gas.  I felt like I dodged a bullet.

The next step was to make sure that the hippo was still there in the cart with my daughter and her yak.  All three were accounted for so we saddled up and headed home. 


September 27, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood

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