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That’s My Toy

He cherished every moment he had with his sister’s toy scooter.  New ways of playing with it were invented so that he wouldn’t have to pass it along to its owner.  I don’t know how he knew that we were teaching the older sibling how to share her toys but he played with it longer than ever before.  This came about because she had ripped toys out of his little chubby hands throughout the day and was informed that she can’t have the My Little Pony scooter until he was completely done with it.  Taking turns is the usual promotion, but this sentence had a little more bite to it.

My daughter followed him everywhere during those excruciating (for her) ten minutes.  She would look at my wife and me and ask, “share?”.  Tears and screams presented themselves in between the most innocent looking pout you could imagine.  She even tried bribery.  She offered him a different toy in exchange for the coveted scooter that sat undesired in the toy box for at least a week until today.  The boy must have learned because he usually falls for the different toy ploy but wanted no part of it this time.

When he exhausted all the uses for the scooter that gives ponies rides, which were nowhere in sight, he set it on the floor with a look of satisfaction.  My daughter looked to us and asked with her eyes if she could pick up the toy.  We nodded yes.  After a quick you’re mine hug she tossed it on the chair and started playing with something else.

It’s amazing what motivates children.  My daughter wanted that toy no matter how much discomfort she had to put herself through to get it.  That was all she wanted until she had it.  I know a lot of adults like that… myself included.  Sometimes chasing the dream is better than having it. 


September 22, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood

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