Pessimistic Optimism

Life as I see it… sort of.


I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts that my family and I have taken turns being sick for over three weeks now.  Both kids are still sick.  It won’t go away.  There have been at least four doctor visits and numerous medications have been swallowed, but the sickness remains.

I though that I was a decent parent, but I’m not so sure anymore.  After so much crying, coughing, complaining and nose wiping, half on my clothes, I’ve started to feel sorry for me instead of them.  Is that natural or am I just selfish?

One of the things we did to help alleviate our parental responsibilities was let our daughter wipe her own nose.  This was great because it never stopped running.  My wife and I could only take “I need a tissue” for so long.  The mother of my children said that it was more grating than “Are we there yet?”.  I mean, she said this five hundred times a day, usually at least once a minute.  I thought that we hit pay-dirt when she fetched the tissues herself.  We did except for the cost.  Not only did we go through more Puff’s Plus because she would wipe once and throw it away but she had wiped most of the skin off above her upper lip.  I think I can even see bone in one spot.  I don’t want to imagine what it would be like if we used the cheap stuff.  She’d probably need plastic surgery.

She no longer wipes her own nose and the words “I need a tissue” only make me feel like a bad parent as I dutifully and gently dig for her button nose’s contents.  If we don’t take any pictures of her for the next few weeks she should be young enough to forget that this ever happened.


September 22, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood, parenting

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