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Little Legs Go a Long Way: A Moving Milestone

Our son traveled farther than ever before tonight and I’m bushed.  He walked halfway around our humongous block by himself.  This is no small feat for his small feet (I’m sorry about that last line).

The boy told us that he wanted to be like his big sister, so instead of putting him in a dress we decided to let him walk around the block with her.  She moved at a fast pace because she pretended to be a dog named Doogle or Doodle so I followed her with our other dog and my wife lagged behind with our son trying to keep him headed in the right direction.  I swear that boy’s attention span needs some fine tuning.  Besides doing a 180 on occasion, sticks and leaves diverted him from completing his mission in a timely manner.

Witnessing his little legs in motion is quite a joy.  It’s similar to watching the bars on Chippewa empty out at closing time.  Two steps forward, one step sideways, three steps forward at an uncontrollable pace and an eventual collision with the ground.  He takes those setbacks quite well.  I think he actually enjoys them because he gets to look at or touch something else and gets a little breather.

He decided he had enough at about the halfway point around the block.  My wife used all her might to carry the twenty-five pounder to the dogs and me.  That’s when I took on the load.  The satisfied boy gladly climbed on my shoulders and swayed down the street grinning from ear to ear knowing that he accomplished something tonight… sort of.

It makes me proud knowing that he’s up and running, even if it’s sideways half the time.  Now, I can’t wait to get him a paper route. 


September 19, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, parenthood

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  1. Honestly, I am laughing to the point of tears…no dry eyes on this computer save for the i’s I’m typing. I hope you are archiving these and putting them in a vault so no spaghetti sauce or chicken soup ruins them! They are a good read, keep up the good work as I can’t wait for the next saga in the life of…

    PS..sure you don’t want to get paid for this? Grammie’s Chicken Soup for What Ail’s Ya

    Comment by The Grandmother | September 19, 2006 | Reply

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