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Are We There Yet?

I remember the first time I understood a word that my daughter said.  I was ecstatic, mostly because it was “Daddy”… at least that’s the one I recall hearing.  We couldn’t get enough of those cute little words that only we could understand.  She progressed nicely and is now at the point of multisyllabic words, including triceratops and vaporizer.  These same speaking abilities entered another dimension today.  One that I wasn’t prepared for: the travel question from hell zone.  

As soon as the words reached my audible range my ears started to bleed.  “Are we there yet?” might as well have been pencils being jammed in them.  When my little angel said it over and over I prayed for deafness, even if it was permanent.  I knew that my world would never be the same again.  My only saving grace was that it was just a ten minute drive.

My goal in life has been altered.  It used to be for me to be a loving husband and father and a successful romance writer in less than five years.  I don’t even care about that stuff anymore.  I just want to hunt down and destroy whomever or whatever taught my child that question.  A reward for any information leading to the apprehension and tongue removing of this malcontent is pending approval by my financial advisor, my wife. 


September 19, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, kids, parenthood

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