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Good Night my Sweet Triceratops

Something amazing about being a parent is watching your children become little people (not the Fisher-Price toys).  The physical growth is obvious, but the mental growth is much more exciting. 

Daughter never ceases to amaze me.  She has pretended to be many animals for a while now, but her imagination has grown substantially recently.  She not only says that she is them and crawls or swims through the house, but she actually is conscious of their genetic makeup while doing it. 

Last night she reminded wife and me of this while being a triceratops when we put her to bed. 

“My horns are breaking the pillow,” she said as she moved her head back and forth.

We convinced her that the pillow would be all right and she kissed us good-night… luckily we weren’t gored.

A couple of days ago the same triceratops (this appears to be her favorite as of late) told me during lunch that there wasn’t enough room for her tail on her booster seat.  We worked it out and she found a way to be comfortable.

The triceratops has even been helpful to us during dinner.  We persuaded her to eat all of her brocolli by telling her to pretend it was trees (which triceratops love to eat… at least in our house).  Did I mention that she didn’t use her hands because a triceratops wouldn’t?


September 12, 2006 - Posted by | Humor, parenthood

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