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He’s Stylin’

He combed his hair with a jelly and peanut butter sandwich and laughed about it.  I fought to keep a straight face because his laugh is contagious and I didn’t want to encourage this kind of behavior.  Half of me was annoyed because I had just washed his hair, but I told myself to get over it.  This was funny.

I guess it’s son’s way of creating his own style.  I might have chosen a different route, but to each his own.  At least he waited until he had two little pieces left that had mostly only peanut butter on them.  Jelly seems like more work.

He looked at me with a sense of accomplishment.  I was almost proud.  In some ways I was.  I like that he doesn’t feel compelled to always follow the “rules”.  Talk to me the next time he tries crawling into the dishwasher.

I naively thought that this was a one time deal.  The next day it was a turkey and cheese sandwich.  Not as messy but still effective.  Surprisingly it has the staying power of gel.  I’m glad that the messed up look is “in” these days.


September 9, 2006 - Posted by | parenthood

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  1. That is great…a little peanut butter in the hair may not be a bad idea, could help cover up some spots. Picture next time!


    Comment by Mike | September 10, 2006 | Reply

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