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Noises at Night

Do you ever get spooked at night?  Especially when you’re alone in the dark?  Me neither.  What about when you’re in the basement or some other dreary spot with ominous shadows popping out of every nook and cranny?

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I get spooked once in a great while… no more than an average of once a week.  I don’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural, but watch me check behind the shower curtain everytime I’m in the bathroom late at night.  I don’t exactly know what I would do if someone or something was there, but I am compulsed to check.

Once in a great while I call the ghosts out (I’m not their bitch… yes I am).  I say show yourself if you exist and stand there almost expecting something to happen.  Less than a minute later I’m regretting this… cut to the scene with me in the fetal position in the shower.

I think this fear stems from my exposure to a couple of scary movies I saw as a child: Carrie (the movie)… I was about to cut n paste a pic from the movie here, but when I opened the website the first pic I saw brought back all of my original fears.  I’m not kidding!!!; and The Exorcist… I’m not even attempting to attach anything from that f***ing movie, I’m already in a bad place because of this post and the pic I mentioned above.  Help me… please?

I saw both movies with my cousins at their house when they had free HBO.  This was back when someone had to climb the pole to hook it up.  I was probably eight or nine at the time and thought I was cool watching those movies even though I hated every second of them.  What a wimp.

It’s amazing what I remember because I don’t think I’ve watched either of them as an adult.  I think it was burned into my mind.  Another movie burned into my mind that I saw on HBO as a kid was 10 (with Bo Derek), but I’ll save that for a different post.

I can’t wait to fall asleep tonight and get this nonsense out of my mind.  I’m one of the lucky people that dreams throughout the night and actually remembers some of them.  Most of my dreams are humiliating (the majority of them have me naked in public) instead of scary.  The naked thing might have a meaning or it could just stem from my years as a topless dancer. 


September 6, 2006 - Posted by | All about me, Humor

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