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How Did She Know That?

Yesterday my daughter freaked me out a little bit.  She knew something specific that took place while she was napping.  Too specific!  We have a video monitor in her room (kind of freaky, but we’re addicted to it.  There is one in our son’s room, too.), so we would know if she got out of her bed, which she didn’t.

It started with her waking up talking and crying that, “Mommy’s gone and she’s not coming back.”  I waited to get her because she was still talking.  She has this idea that we can hear her wherever we are (probably because we have the monitor and respond to her when she’s in there).  This might be a problem for her later in life but we’ll let her shrink deal with that.

She started crying louder so I went up to her room.  The first thing she said astounded me, “Where did Mommy go with Aunt NJ(alias)?”

“How did you know that they went somewhere?”

She ignored the question and demanded (in a concerned sort of way) to know where they went.  I told her that they went to Wegman’s to buy food (She loves going to the grocery store because she usually rides in a car cart.  My daughter, that is.  It would be amusing to see my wife riding in one of those carts.).

“The car’s getting wet.”

“How do you know the car’s getting wet?  Did you see it?”  She still hadn’t answered my first question, but I figured that I could go back to that one.

“No, I didn’t see it.  I can hear out the window.”  It was pouring outside (Thanks, Ernesto!).

“How did you know Mommy went somewhere with Aunt NJ?”  I really wanted to know how she knew this.  She couldn’t have heard them outside.  They ran to the car because of the rain and didn’t say a word to each other.

She changed the subject (I must have been boring her).  I tried to pump her for information again but she wanted no part of it.  We headed downstairs and I dropped the subject.

I wonder if my daughter is psychic.  Maybe I’ll have to bring her to the track or back to Wegman’s to pick lottery numbers.  Or I’ll just let her be a kid and try to ignore her supernatural powers.


September 3, 2006 - Posted by | parenthood

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