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Sick on Vacation

Being sick on vacation is the pits, even if you’re spending your vacation at home.  I’d rather feel like crap at work.  Unfortunately for my wife she was off this week, too.  Putting up with me on a daily basis must be hard enough when I’m feeling my best.  When I’m sick I tend to talk about it a little.  Okay, okay, a lot.  I’m a pain in the butt.   I think I reminded her every hour just in case she forgot. 

I still did the family things because I didn’t want to completely ruin our time off together.  We went to the zoo with the kids, visited my parents and even went out to eat.  I might as well spread my good cheer (and whatever the hell I have) around Western New York.

I think I only lost it once (which is good for me).  I started getting very negative when my wife asked our daughter if she wanted to play in the playground at the zoo.  I immediately imagined the worst (numerous “big” kids pushing our little angel around inside the enclosed tubing).  The reality was a little different.  She had a ball and the “big” kids didn’t torment anyone… at least not anyone important to me.

 I can’t wait to be healthy again, even if it means my vacation is over.  But I would like to mention that I really enjoyed having my wife home during the week (no matter how I felt). 


September 2, 2006 - Posted by | All about me

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