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What’s Your Number Name?

My daughter is at the age where she just blows us away with what she says and does.  This gives us a glimpse of how she interprets the world around her.  The one that we provide for her, good or bad.  In our case I would have to say that it is mostly good.

One of my favorite quotes of hers is, “What’s your number name?”  She obviously means age.  I think that it’s great that she knows that an age helps describe someone (am I reading too much into this?).

We visited my parents this morning and stopped to pick up donuts on the way (that could be the bad, letting our kids eat junk like that for breakfast occasionally… you know, three or four times a week).  When we were on the road again she said, “When I get big I’m going to drive to Dunkin Donuts and eat Dunkin Donuts and drink coffee.”  At least she is setting good goals for herself.

Because of my daughter our house is full of live animals of all types.  A hippo grazes on our couch, a whale swims through our kitchen, a horse named Brownie bucks through the family room saying giddy-up (she attributes that noise to the horse itself, not the rider), even a sloth makes an appearance moving ever so slowly across the floor (that one’s my favorite).  Her impersonations of animals hardly stops for a breather.  If I ask her a question using her name, she’ll correct me and say, “I’m a dragon, daddy.”  Then I’ll repeat the question, “Would you like some milk, dragon?”  She probably knows more animals than I do.  It’s her passion, that and drawing… oh yeah and letting insects crawl on her.  We’ve all got our hang-ups.  


August 31, 2006 - Posted by | parenthood

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